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Flat Vacuum Cups Bellows Vacuum Cups Mufflers/Silencers
Recommended for handling flat smooth and rigid work pieces like cardboard, metal, glass etc.  Also available with cleats for vertical lifts and handling thin materials.  The internal cleats stabilize the cup and increase the lifting force Bellows cups will accommodate differences in height or level.  They will also handle uneven shapes and separate thin materials.  Available with 1.5 bellows up to 6.5 bellows.  Multiple bellows cups can eliminate the need for spring level compensators NEW - Porous plastic mufflers to reduce air blast noise created at exhaust ports of pneumatic valves and other equipment.
Vacuum Pumps
and Vacuum Generators
Vacuum Solenoid  Valves
and Vacuum Regulators
Octopus Vacuum
Gripping Systems
Compressed air driven multi-stage and single stage vacuum generators.  Highest quality on the market today - all stainless steel venturi nozzles and mounting hardware Specifically designed for vacuum applications that require a quick exchange between the vacuum source and the air inlet into the circuit, for a quick restoration of atmospheric pressure The Octopus system is our answer to the ever increasing requirements of operational flexibility for palletizing robots and vacuum gripping systems in general.  Our suction plates can adapt to any surface, either smooth, rough or uneven
In-Line Strainers
and Filters
Metal Housing
Vacuum Filters
Plastic Housing
Vacuum Filters
The largest selection of in-line strainers and filters used for liquid pump protection, agricultural sprayers, pressure washers, drinking water pre-filters, dental filtration and many other applications Rugged metal housing vacuum filters with pleated paper or metal filter elements.  We also offer oil-bath vacuum filters and complete liquid syphon filtering systems  The most popular vacuum pump filters on the market today.  Clear filter bowl allows easy monitoring of the filter element.  Simply unscrew the bowl to clean or replace the filter.  Filter elements available in Polyethylene or stainless steel wire mesh 


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