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Vacuum Suction Cups Overview

Suction cups, vacuum cups and vacuum pads available in flat, single bellows, multiple bellows and special shapes.  Available from stock for all industrial applications.

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Flat Vacuum Cups

Typically designed to handle flat or slightly curved surfaces.  Available with or without cleats.


Bellows Vacuum Cups

Bellows vacuum suction cups handle objects with height differences and varying shape while supplying a lifting movement for separating thin materials.

Oval Vacuum Cups

Available in flat or bellows styles.
Ideal for handling narrow work pieces
Vacuum Cup Fixed Holders / Extensions

NEW - Polyurethane Suction Cups
Single and Dual Durometer

A soft 30 durometer polyurethane lip with a 60 durometer body creates a flexible, durable suction cup with exceptional sealing properties.
Level Compensators / Mounting Suspensions

Vacuum Shut Off Valves

Ball Joints / Articulated Joints



Vacuum Cup Holders for Square Tube


Foam Vacuum Cups


Round and rectangular foam vacuum suction cups for handling rough and textured products
CD/DVD Handling Cups

Specialized designs for all types of CD/DVD handling equipment.  Available in flat, bellows, full and half ring styles.


Vacuum Clamping
Suction Cups

Mobile suction cup clamping systems
for the glass, stone, solid surface and woodworking industries.

Suckers and Suction Cups for the Paper and Printing Industries

Push-in mount and flange mount styles for handling cartons, paper and foil in the printing industry


SolarVac Suction Cups

Specialized suction cups for handling solar cells, silicone wafer and semiconductor applications


Suction Cups for Eggs and Other Round Objects

Silicone suction cups for egg lifting


Bernoulli Suction Cups

Safe non-contact handling
Depanner Suction Cups


Suction cups for the baking industry in silicone and metal-detectable silicone 

Vacuum Cylinders

Operated solely by vacuum.  Piston rod stops and retracts instantly when the suction cup contacts the object

NEW - Pneumatic Sprue Gripper

Four popular sizes including the new MICRO MG - the smallest sprue gripper on the market.  Hart Coat for optimal wear resistance




Suction Cup Materials List


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